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Sustainable Rural Infrastructure and Watershed Management Sector Project (SRIWMSP)

About the Project

The project will provide immediate and short-term benefits to smallholder farmers by strengthening and widening their income generation, food security, and nutrition with focus on small scale women-owned and operated agribusinesses. The immediate and short term response will provide production grants to farmers, small enterprises and agribusinesses to respond to increased costs due to inflation. The project will also work to improve aquaculture for better food security and nutrition, as well as provide information for cropping calendars based on climate data and issuance of storm warnings.

In the medium to long-term, the project will build the resilience and sustainability of the country's agriculture and food systems by promoting production to reduce imports and increase exports. The project will curb greenhouse gas emissions from farming practices through farming methods such as cover cropping, regenerative agriculture, use of charcoal, reducing fertilizer use, no tillage, and alternate wet-dry irrigation, as appropriate. More specifically, a new activity will be introduced for extension of services on climate-resilient farming practices that have less GHG emissions and improve soil health. Furthermore, the project will improve the knowledge of irrigation scheme small holder farmers and provide them with better technical skills and knowledge to tackle climate change.


  • Lao PDR

Project Status

Under Preperation



Supervising entity

  • ADB

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Niloofar Sadeghi