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ROPPA's members Monitoring Practices

The 1st report of the ROPPA REGIONAL FAMILY FARMS OBSERVATORY (OEF / ROPPA) deals with four issues that successively provide (i) a farmer perception of the behavior of West African family farms during the last agricultural campaigns; (Ii) a table of local consulting support received by these FFs; (Iii) an analysis of the policies faced by these FFs and the organizations that represent them; And (iv) prospects for the FFO.
| Publications

Case Study: Blending Happiness and Hazelnuts with Finance

Mountain Hazelnut’s business model is deceptively simple but not without considerable risks. Using hazelnut saplings grown in their own nursery in Bhutan, Mountain Hazelnuts distribute them to farmers to plant on fallow land that has no commercial use.
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Tenth Meeting (2016)

Executive Minutes from the Joint Steering and Donor Committee Meeting
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FY16-FY18 Budget Proposal

FY16 - FY18 Budget Proposal for the Trustee, Coordination Unit, and Monitoring & Evaluation