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Inclusion of Rural Youth in Poultry and Aquaculture Value Chains in Mali

Photo: World Bank


This Missing Middle Initiative pilot project works with the Association of Professional Farmers’ Organizations and National Coordination Agency for Farmers’ Organizations in Mali to help sustainably increase targeted rural young people’s incomes and food and nutrition security by facilitating their inclusion in poultry and aquaculture value chains. Project support includes training in technical, organizational, and financial issues in the poultry and fish farming value chains and in agro-ecological farming practices. The project is expected to have a positive impact on incomes by creating sustainable economic activities for rural youth.


  • Mali

Focus area

  • Jobs and Income

Supervising entity

  • IFAD


As of December 2020, the project has benefitted 343 people, of which 52 percent are women, and 49 producer-based organizations. It has provided 41.25 hectares of land with improved production support and has supported the construction and/or rehabilitation of 20 post-harvest facilities. In supporting individuals, the project has provided 233 smallholders with productivity enhancement support, 343 people (178 women) with improved nutrition services and products, 237 people (72 women) and 165 young entrepreneurs with direct employment, and 161 young entrepreneurs with capacity development support. Further, the project has led to producer organizations, local banks/microfinance institutions, and other innovative financing arrangements and service providers providing 237 smallholder farmers with funds and 343 with extension services.


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