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Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

An independent Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) was appointed by the Steering Committee to provide the due diligence screening of submitted public sector proposals as input for decisions to be made by the Steering Committee. The TAC's role is to provide recommendations to the Steering Committee, while considering country need, country readiness to implement, and proposal strength.

The TAC is comprised of members with a high-level of experience and technical expertise in agriculture and food security issues and, for Africa, who have familiarity with the CAADP processes. 


Interim Technical Advisory Committee (iTAC)

Given that there was not enough time to establish the TAC in time for the June 2010 submissions, the Steering Committee endorsed the formation of an interim Technical Advisory Committee (iTAC) of persons nominated by donors, recipients, and NGOs independent of potential Supervising Entities to provide due diligence for the June 2010 submissions only.