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Changing Lives 2023 Edition

Insights into how investments made possible by the GAFSP Private Sector Window help change the lives of farmers worldwide.
Edition 9 | March 2023

| Impact Stories

Three ways women are breaking the mold

Discover how GAFSP supports critical training for female smallholder farmers to improve their incomes, socio-economic opportunities, and nutrition within the whole community.

| Impact Stories

Is Cambodian Rice Ready for the World Market?

Keen on exporting its surplus rice, Cambodia is priming its rice sector to enter the world market while keeping the national stock, farmers' welfare, and agricultural resources in check.

Public Sector Contact

Ms. Clare Murphy-McGreevey

External Affairs Officer

Based in Washington, D.C.

Private Sector Contact

Ms. Daphna Berman

Senior Communications and Outreach Specialist

Based in Washington, D.C.