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In Haiti, Private Sector Links Are Boosting Farmer Incomes

Smallholder farmers in the country are provided high-quality seeds alongside training in modern planting and harvesting techniques for growing high-end produce. Providing farmers direct access to formal markets reduces their exposure to the risks associated with traveling to informal markets farther away.

| Impact Stories

Nurturing Health and Nutrition: Empowering Mothers in Magway

In the heart of a village, a remarkable transformation is taking place—one that exemplifies the power of education, persistence, and community support in reshaping dietary habits and improving the health and nutrition of families.

Public Sector Contact

Ms. Clare Murphy-McGreevey

External Affairs Officer

Based in Washington, D.C.

Private Sector Contact

Ms. Daphna Berman

Senior Communications and Outreach Specialist

Based in Washington, D.C.